I’m coming

“I’m coming”

We got used to hearing this phrase in Ghana, meaning something to the effect of “I’ll be with you soon.” I was anticipating coming home to the U.S. But as I left Ghana, I also began to think of the new meaning I had learned to believe and hope that God will bring me back someday.

Africa has changed my heart in more ways than one. I have learned to be patient, persevere, and ALWAYS put my hope in the Lord.

Throughout my time in Ghana, I wrestled with discovering my purpose of being there. While I did learn A LOT while working in the clinic, I don’t believe that was the main reason God lead me there. One of the greatest joys I experienced each day was witnessing my co-workers live out their faith through their life, especially through their work as healthcare providers.

Watching this unfold reminded me of an idea I was introduced in a book I read for one of my classes at Northwestern:

“Living out the gospel in the midst of the public square is not first of all a matter of strategy and planning; rather, it is manifesting the very life of Christ in the midst of the world” -Michael Goheen, Introducing Christian Mission Today, pg.259.

This quote has stuck with me, and even more so this summer. We have become part of a culture that begs us to completely separate our work and our faith. Watching these amazing individuals live out their faith on a day to day basis as they worked with many different types of patients was inspiring. I found this to be my biggest take away from the summer, and I hope and pray I am able to do the same someday in my own career.

I have truly been humbled through this experience, and I have especially loved getting to work with the Luke Society. Part of their mission is “[to] empower and encourage citizens in their own countries, which promotes human dignity, local skills and sustainable infrastructure.” I have witnessed the benefits and sheer beauty in this small community that has stemmed from the efforts of the Luke Society. They have a sense of pride and ownership as they care for their neighbors through the skills God has blessed them with. I loved learning with these people and witnessing their hearts for the Lord.

This trip was not one of evangelism or service projects, but an important cross-cultural learning experience that I believe God was, and will continue to work through–some ways I’m sure I won’t even know. I cannot express how grateful I am for each one of your prayers and gifts that have made this adventure possible. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

God Bless You!

Love, Sarah

A selfie with Dr. John!
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Home again!!

Well, we made it back to the US! After a long few days of traveling, I have appreciated so many things about being home… especially the first hamburger I ate 🙂 I will plan to write more about my reflections as they come, but for now I just want to thank the Lord for His […]

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Your will be done

Life is unpredictable. We can plan all we want, but inevitably something will happen that changes the plan. I have learned a lot about adaptability during my time here. These past few weeks have been full of unpredictable events… I didn’t know that our wifi would disappear, I didn’t know that someone I love would pass away, and I certainly didn’t know what God would be teaching me through all of it. 

At home, things can change in a heartbeat, but much more so here. The power goes out often, appointment times get moved, and the rain can come whenever it pleases. Through all of these circumstances, God has taught me to rely on Him for stability. Most things are out of my control, so when my attitude changed from focusing on what I wanted to what God had in store I learned quickly that His plan always turned out for the best. 

This isn’t always the easiest attitude to develop. I am still working each day to ask God to show me His will. I know I will still mess up and try to take control…but little by little I pray that God will take over my heart and harmonize it with his pleasing and perfect will. 

As our time abroad winds down, I am feeling a mixture of emotions. I have loved Ghana and all it has taught me, while at the same time my heart is yearning to be home! Thank you all for your continued support and prayers. 


Peace caught the baby, I weighed and cleaned her, and we both smiled the whole time 🙂
Me attempting to pound yams and plantains to make a dish called foo foo.
African sunset!!
When the power goes out and your pulling a tooth, iPhone flashlights come in handy!
A few of our new friends!

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This morning we attended an Assemblies of God church in Kasei. Though it was small (we worshipped in a classroom at the local school), the voices were loud and the Spirit was present. It has been quite the experience to be part of such charismatic traditions as the ones found in Africa. This has been […]

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“Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” -James 1:4 As a person who loves being surrounded by friends and family, it has definitely been hard to be away from them, especially with limited communication. I realized I have only been gone for 2 weeks, but I […]

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New Things

Ghana has been full of new things. New people, new food, new sights, new language. Through all of the newness, it is hard to not desire the comfort and stability of sameness found in the things we are familiar with. As I have spent time (over a week already!!) in this beautiful place, however, God […]

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one week // week one

Hello!! We have made it to Kasei! Our first week was mostly spent in Accra (Ghana’s capital city). We stayed at the head doctor’s house, and feel very warmly welcomed! We have been doing our best to learn some of the native language Twi (pronounced “tree”), and have had some laughs along the way!! Our […]

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