Your will be done

Life is unpredictable. We can plan all we want, but inevitably something will happen that changes the plan. I have learned a lot about adaptability during my time here. These past few weeks have been full of unpredictable events… I didn’t know that our wifi would disappear, I didn’t know that someone I love would pass away, and I certainly didn’t know what God would be teaching me through all of it. 

At home, things can change in a heartbeat, but much more so here. The power goes out often, appointment times get moved, and the rain can come whenever it pleases. Through all of these circumstances, God has taught me to rely on Him for stability. Most things are out of my control, so when my attitude changed from focusing on what I wanted to what God had in store I learned quickly that His plan always turned out for the best. 

This isn’t always the easiest attitude to develop. I am still working each day to ask God to show me His will. I know I will still mess up and try to take control…but little by little I pray that God will take over my heart and harmonize it with his pleasing and perfect will. 

As our time abroad winds down, I am feeling a mixture of emotions. I have loved Ghana and all it has taught me, while at the same time my heart is yearning to be home! Thank you all for your continued support and prayers. 


Peace caught the baby, I weighed and cleaned her, and we both smiled the whole time 🙂
Me attempting to pound yams and plantains to make a dish called foo foo.
African sunset!!
When the power goes out and your pulling a tooth, iPhone flashlights come in handy!
A few of our new friends!


2 thoughts on “Your will be done

  1. Oh Sarah how beautiful it is to see you grow …. Grow in so many ways and in ways that can only be done thru Christ. Trusting His plan and following His will is a job in itself and one that I feel is the hardest… and how wonderful that you have been given this trip to experience this. You have been given such a wonderful opportunity to grow in His love and share it in Ghana… enjoy every bit of it girl and we can’t wait to have you back home! Sending you big hugs sweetie!

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